Organic GABA tea is an enjoyable and pleasant tasting rich and full flavored, Oolong tea. The high content of natural GABA in this tea makes it an exceptional healthy beverage.  It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Also known as: Gabaron tea
Farming Methods: Natural organic farming techniques. Hand picked.
Production: Ball rolled Oolong. Fresh tea leaves picked > placed inside a pressurized barrel and vacuumed until emptied of oxygen. > Infused with nitrogen & kept in barrel for 6 -10 hours  > Tea leaves removed from the barrel and lightly roasted to stop halt fermentation > Rolled  > Dried-Compressed > Rolled  > Compressed > Re-dried > GABA Tea.

Other notes: The processing of GABA tea involves partially shading the tea leaves for about 2 weeks prior to plucking, as this assists in developing an increased presence of glutamic acid. The leaves are then exposed to nitrogen, which causes the glutamic acid to be converted to Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.  The content of GABA per 100g dry weight must not be less than 150mg in order to meet the Japanese requirements & to qualify as fine quality GABA tea.